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Jeff Brockmeyer

Director of Photography


2004-2014 Director of Woodward Digital Media (the world's largest action sports company)

2006-2014 Freelance director, producer, videographer, photographer and editor for major brands and editorial outlets within the action sports community of snowboarding, BMX, mountain biking, and skateboarding

2015-2016 Assistant Photo Editor at Transworld Snowboarding

2016- Present Commercial Photographer, Filmmaker, and Director


Jeff Spent the better part of 15 years traveling the world and documenting his friends in the action sports community.  Initially getting the itch for thrill on a BMX bike in 1997, an injury forced to turn from athlete to photographer finding his home and comfort behind a lens.  Jeff spent 10 years traveling the icy tundra shooting snowboarding in the winters and bikes in the summers. Finally, making his way to sunny Carlsbad, CA where he currently spends half of his time working in commercial photography, and the other half chasing salty waves, and dusty trails. 


Jeff has over 20 years of photographic experience and a keen eye for all things moving.

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