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Ryan O'Brien

Creative Director


2001 Associate’s Degree in Illustration from the American Academy of Art, Chicago Illinois

2003 BFA in Illustration [with emphasis in visual narrative] from the American Academy of Art, Chicago Illinois

2003-2008 Freelance brand developer and designer, Fine art exhibitor, and content-gathering adventurer

2008-2019 Creative Director and Production Supervisor at The Branding Agency


Being able to read the world around us is a fundamentally human trait. Whether it be directional signage, brand DNA, or patterns of migration, understanding the structure of how ideas reach comprehension can be a vital and engaging experience. With each project, Ryan and the team at the The Branding Agency compose each message to consist of digestable framework and poignantly essential information. Translating these insights to practical usage and deliverables is accomplished through written works, powerful visuals, and tactile modelmaking techniques. 


Understanding that the human experience determines the success of any project, every detail is thoroughly scrutinized to enhance and deliver a satisfying journey.


Ryan has received multiple awards for his work both independently and with the team at The Branding Agency.

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